Tuesday, March 31, 2015


phantom black petunia
pressed into the pages
tells the story of her garden
to her ambivalent host
paper and text
absorbed with their own dreams.


insects avoid the willow, no oxygen below
fish and platypus cannot find their dinner there.

fish and platypus avoid camphor laurel too
thirsty and toxic, life avoids the soup downstream

oxygen rich tea from the river redgums
acacia shade and shelter, grasses alive with insects
logs and branches, designed for burrows
fish and platypus join the crowds.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


creamy skin, rounded like a bean
inside, rich orange
seeds like a genie in the bottle
waiting for the rub of summer heat

a different orange
a different form

long straight exclamation mark
top and tail leaves the whole root
simple and straight
a tree ring running through
like a signal

a bath of clear flavour
rich and salty,
a cigar of cinnamon

together, smooth, hot,
a thick bowl of  taste
for a cold evening

for dverse

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Late Summer

I walk in the garden, blue banded bees, iridescent flies, ladybirds
must collect the seed from amaranth, kale and cosmos
be aware of the birds calling from the apple tree
the dogs sleeping in the sun
Change of seasons comes
I plan for a shade house to protect from frost
wish for plants to grow quickly and become strong
to grow things close to shelter each other
see new flowers and fruit ripening in the late summer
in pots I can start new plants to share
the pattern of life is so beautiful and interwoven
world tapestry all the colours. Respect.

Campaign to save bees. SumofUS

Sunday, March 01, 2015

conservation park vk5

grey sky soft breeze

a landscape dedicated to
twisted ikebana wrought timber
with green fingertips

ten petalled star on brush
red berries on soft grey
twisted wiry strands web over
beaded round leaf stems

our footprints

ants mark their district with a pattern of
same sized pebbles and evenly spaced colours.

the crackle and chirp of channels passing
finding connections
voices curve across the emptiness.

Saturday, February 28, 2015


from sun and chemistry
a cell collides, divides
a pulse within a pulse
a form echoes a pattern
two recipes overlaid
resolving duality,
copying errors and counterpoint
becomes identity
walks, speaks, laughs
learns, explores, stands
and returns a new vision
planet designed with today's ideas
and tomorrow's hopes
measured in seconds
seasons and societies
on a stone sundial
you have to be quick
to catch it